I am a talismanic jeweler living in the mountains of New Mexico. I came to make jewelry from a fortuitous meeting with the late symbolic jeweler, magician and Buddhist Mark Defrates and his wife Pamela Daley. I learned the basics of the craft in the late ’90’s, and then took a long break from making anything of the sort until 2012.

My approach to what I do is both informed and driven by my magical practice and spirit contacts. My intention is to create tools of devotion - spirit-vessels, talismanic objects. My jewelry is a large part of my personal practice. My shop is also my working temple and is itself driven by devotion to Spirit, as I perceive it. I believe that magic, sorcery, shamanry, witchcraft and related practices are the root of human spiritual culture. As Western societies grow more fundamentalist (particularly in the USA), in their expressions of both religion and materialism, there has been strong pressure to move away from the magical approaches which are, I believe, the birthright of humans. If we humans are indeed in some way special, I would like to think that this is not all in our material progress as expressed in rampant industrialism (and it’s co-mingled social, psychic, and planetary degradation), but in our ability to directly interface with the vast array of beings and experiences that make up the world we inhabit, both this material Earth we dwell upon as well as the Otherworlds of the spirits. My aim as jeweler, sorcerer, and artist is to facilitate this communication between ourselves and these others.

My work is made to be worked. While I try to make the most beautiful talismans that I can, it is my deepest hope that you take them into your heart, into your practices, to your altars, your spirits, and your deities. That you allow them into your sacred lives, your magical workings, your enchantments, your devotions.  This is who they are, and what they are created for. It is also how they will serve you best, which in return is how they can be best served.

Blessings from my house to yours-

Aidan Wachter