After four years, the time has come to shift into a new way of working for myself and the shop. I am largely stepping away from offering shop designs as a semi-stock option, the you-order-from-the-catalog-it-and-I-build-it model.

For now, there are two ways to acquire my pieces.

The first is straight up custom orders. These start at $200 for an unbacked, cut out piece, and $300 for a backed piece. Altar pieces will be $500 and up for, depending on design. Rings vary too much to give a ballpark, but call the bottom $150-200.

The second is that I will, as time and the custom side of things allow, build pieces for general sale. They will be added to the shop around the new moon, with stock levels included, and will be available until sold.

Please join my mailing list here if you would like advance notice of the stock dates when they occur, and I will also announce this via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you as always for all of your support!