Six Ways Foundations 1: Doing the work, building a practice

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Six Ways Foundations 1: Doing the work, building a practice


Six Ways Foundations 1: Doing the work, building a practice is the first class offered by Aidan Wachter. While not strictly or entirely based on my book Six Ways: Approaches and Entries for Practical Magic, that is the required textbook for the class. We will not play fill in in class where we can refer to the text, so make sure you have it in hand (and preferably have it read!) before the class starts.

In this class we will be working in what I call a ‘stacked’ fashion. This means that we will start with a ‘foundation’ layer that we then build upon week by week by adding or ‘stacking’ new layers of work on top, much like building a house with stones or bricks. The class structure is as follows, with each class composed of several parts .

  1. Laying the foundation: Getting clear on what we want, developing statements of intent, raising energy in the body to allow us to work more effectively, Reclaiming Rite begins. Road Opening. Problems with desire. Working to ends rather than means, and vice versa.

  2. The Art of Asking 1: Creating Sigils, petitions, and candle magic. Offerings to the Powers of magic and allied spirits. Fire Snakes, Voice.

  3. The Art of Asking 2: Empowering Sigils, Petitions, Orbits, Fire Snakes.

  4. Cleaning House: Warding the house, cleansing the space, ritual bathing, scraping and clearing attachments. Getting the Ancestors on board (or out of the way).

  5. Troubleshooting. The Savage Art of Tidying Up. Getting real about desire. Closing down energy leaks. Situational awareness.

  6. Building the Ship. Integrating everything. Stabilizing the work. Changing directions when you discover that what you want isn’t what you wanted!

  7. Troubleshooting. Working with the Field. Controlled Daydreaming.

  8. Troubleshooting.

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