Would you like me to design and build a ring for you? If so, this is the information and questions we’ll need to consider together so that I can get started on the project for you.


When you preview the ring designs that I’ve listed in the shop’s catalogue, found here - http://www.aidanwachter.com/product/?category=Rings , you’ll notice that each of the rings has a central image that is flanked on each side by a flourish of sorts. For example, the central image for “The Ace of Spades” ring is a spade. On each side of the spade is a set of cross bones.

If you would like me to design a ring that has these three elements — a central image flanked on each side by a flourish — think of what sort of image you’d like for each. What would you like to see in the center and what would you like to see along the sides of your ring?

If you are thinking of including different design elements in your ring, what would like these to be? Can you provide me with a detailed description of what you’d like? If you are inclined to sketch or draw, you could send me a rough picture. Otherwise, a note that describes your ideas the best that you can will do. We’ll start a dialogue about your ring using your drawings and notes.


I work only inSterling Silver and Fine Silver.

Fine Silver, which has a silver content of 99.9%, will not tarnish as much as and is much brighter than Sterling Silver, a silver with a purity content of 92.5%. However, Sterling Silver, which also contains 7.5% Copper and/or other metals like Nickel and Zinc, is more durable.


Currently, the shop catalogue displays rings that have a tapered shape. The widest part of each ring sits at the front of the band and displays the ring’s central image. A side view of each ring reveals that from the center front, the widest part of the ring band, the ring tapers and gets narrower until it joins together in the back. This type of ring shape makes for a very comfortable fit especially as you open and close your hand.

You’ll have to decide if this shape ring suits your desires. If not, I can change the design to another shape, including a flat band. Just let me know.


Everyone’s hands are unique and while some people routinely remove their jewelry when they are about to engage in some sort of heavy labor, there are others who never want to part with what’s on their fingers. Having a clear sense from you about how you plan to wear your ring will help me make decisions about the structure of your ring.

While you need not worry about me building a ring for you that will be flimsy, because all of my rings are built to be quite sturdy, I am interested to know if you want a lightweight, relatively delicate ring or would you prefer a ring that’s quite substantial and heavy? This information will help me determine how thick of a sheet of metal to use when I make your ring. If you already know what gauge metal you’d like me to use, let me know, but if you can just tell me about the type of weight you’re wanting for your ring, I’ll be able to figure out what will work for you.

Do you have small hands or large hands? I ask this question to determine how wide the widest part of your ring should be. In the case of a tapered shaped ring, the widest part of the ring would be where your ring will display the central image. If you are wanting a uniform band, we’re talking about the overall width of the band. If you have a particular preference about width, please let me know. Otherwise the information you share about the size of your hands coupled with how you plan to wear your ring will help me quite a bit.


What is your ring size? Please remember that the size ring that will fit most comfortably on your hand is a function of the ring’s shape and width as well as the shape of the finger upon which you plan to wear your ring. I would suggest that you take a ring that you already wear well and that is approximately the same shape and width as the ring you’re asking me to make for you and have it sized by a jeweler in your area. This will give you a starting point to talk about ring sizes with me and together we can determine if the ring I make for you should be exactly this same size, smaller or larger.

Thank you!