custom work

Custom work is the lifeblood of my shop. 

Is there a symbol you love, but cannot find the perfect form of? One that means something only to you, and so you cannot find at all? Are you looking for a touchstone or tool or anchor to your practice, but have no idea where even to start? This is my work. Welcome.

There are a number of ways I frequently work:

  • Sometimes a client comes to me with a specific idea: "I need a diamond shaped talisman of four crescent moons surrounding an Ace of Spades".
  • Sometimes it's halfway there: "I want a tree, a key, a moon".
  • Sometimes I am brought a finished sigil "Can you build me this in silver?".
  • Sometimes just an intention: "I am feeling crushed by inertia, and I need a talisman to work with to get my ass back in gear and help me find my best way forward." 
  • Often I am given five pages of stream of consciousness writings to sort through! This is actually a good method!

Here is how it works in practice:

  • Drop me a line using the form below with whatever initial information you have. 
  • I'll respond, usually within 48 hours via email. I'll ask for any images, drawings, ideas, etc to try an get a feel for your piece.
  • We'll email back and forth until I have enough of a sense to start the design process.
  • At whatever point we are both satisfied that I:  
  1. can do what you need/want and
  2. am the person who should make the piece for you
  • I'll give you a hard quote OR charge you a design fee (usually $100) if it is clear we need some time in the design stage to come up with a final price.  
  • If the quote works for you, I'll send you an invoice/payment link. 
  • Once the item is paid in full, it enters the workflow and I'll give you a ship date.
  • When completed, I'll ship the item to you, insured and tracked, and send you the tracking details.

Custom pieces start at $175 for the more open work styles and $275 for the black background pieces for silver. Simple designs generally cost less than more intricate ones. Two sided pieces generally start around $400. Contact me using the form here:

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