Q: How does your custom process work?

A: You drop me a line using the contact form on the site, letting me know what you are interested in me making for you. This can be as simple and direct as 'I want a pentagram pendant with these three runes one the back' to 'I am looking for a talisman to assist me overcoming some personal obstacles' or 'I am looking for a devotional piece for a particular power/deity'. If it seems like a good match for what I do, I will collect a design fee from you  and start working on the design. When I have something that works for you, you pay the balance of the price (which we often won't know upfront, but I can usually offer a close ballpark!). After the item is paid in full, it moves from the 'design' queue into the 'build' queue, and gets made according to it's order in that queue. When it is complete, I ship it to you. Full information is here.

Q: How does your stock process work?

A: Due to the high volume and time intensive nature of the custom side of the shop, I have moved to offering pieces when they are complete and ready to ship, rather than having a customer order a piece, and then build it for them. So the inventory on hand will be small, but will be available to ship within a few days rather than a few months. I will try to rotate through the inventory of designs I have (and the new ones sure to come!), but I will not be taking advance orders for stock designs at this time. Feel free to ask for something to be brought into the rotation, however! Available work is here.

Q: I have questions regarding your book, Six Ways- Approaches and Entries for Practical Magic.

A: There is a Facebook group dedicated to Six Ways here. At this time, that's really the only place where I can address questions due to time constraints. There is some general info on this site here, and many of the themes related to the book (and possibly clarification where that seems necessary) will end up in my blog, here.

Q: What do you mean by talismanic jewelry?

A: Please see The Talisman, Object and Being in the blog for clarification.  Also see Six Ways for the fullest explication of my approach.

Q: Are these pieces cast? 

A: Nope, they are fabricated, which in jeweler-speak means they are built up out of raw metal- in my case mostly sheet silver, cut out with a jeweler's saw and really tiny saw blades, and soldered together to become a solid object. Way more info is available here: The CutterMoving Towards Completion and even more, including a discussion on pricing is here: Devotion, Product, Pricing: economy of scale in art and craft

Q: Sorcery? Magic? Seriously?

A: Yep. Totally. The jewelry is an outcome of my magical practices, and is 100% driven by it. Dive into the blog, or check out my book, Six Ways if you would like more info on that.