For the Dead 14k over Sterling Silver

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For the Dead 14k + FS AWWM.jpg

For the Dead 14k over Sterling Silver


A piece for the Ancestors, the Rephaim, the Mighty Dead, and the Children of the Grave. This version with the skull, vines, and moon in 14k gold with the balance of the piece in Sterling.

"Here we stand/Eye to hand and heart to head/Deep in the dark with the dead" Elizabeth Hand, Winterlong

The skull can be viewed as memento mori, as spirit-house, as emblem of those who have gone before, and conversely, those yet to come. The foliage reminds that from death comes life, while the moon recalls that life and death are by nature cyclic.

Peter Grey writes evocatively of the Rephaim and the relationship of the dead with fertility:

 “The Rephaim arrive at night, at the threshing floors and plantations, the typical abode of ghosts. It was the place that marked the intersection of the mourning rites with fertility as the gift of the dead. In this liminal place the Rephaim are given offerings of apples and ambrosia as well as olives and gourds, fattened by the rain brought by Baal. As in all cultures, other than our terminal own, the dead must be properly feasted; this is also a key principle in working with the spirits of place, whether faery, ancestor, or animal” Lucifer: Princeps p.51

For more on my take on working with the dead, see my blog post Animism and the Dead.

Pendant measures 1.36" (34.5mm) in diameter x .093″ (2.3mm) thick, weight is right around 16 grams. This is a larger piece, but can be made (somewhat!) smaller on request.

Entirely hand crafted from sheets of Sterling Silver and 14k gold by Aidan Wachter. Each item is built one at a time for each customer, thus shipping time will vary depending on how many orders are already in the shop queue at the time you order. Please see either the announcement bar at the top of site pages (unless you have hidden it!) or the first item on the FAQ for a current estimate of time to ship. Would you prefer your piece to be made from fine silver or gold? Smaller or larger? Heavier or lighter? Customized in some other way? Please contact me for a quote. 


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