Sigils - some considerations on construction and design

As a large part of the silver work I do involves sigils, both making those designed by my clients, and increasingly designing them for a client, I thought I would look at some construction possibilities that folks might find helpful and useful. The basic concept (we are talking word-sigils only) is this, and probably exists in a 100 forms online.

Statement of Intent:

You come up with a positive statement of intent.


And then you create a sign, or 'glyph' from the letters.

TO make things more manageable, you first remove all doubled letters:

IWOULDKETBERAMNGS That's still a lot of letters!

Ok, first helper: get your Statement down to the shortest form possible. You won't be making a sigil for something you don't want is step one. So drop all the "this is my will, to.." and "I wish to" nonsense.

We might get here:

REMEMBERING THINGS and that drops us here:


To me, we could shorten our statement up further, to:

REMEMBER which drops us here:

REMB which is much easier to work with.

A lot of times, another good way to clean things up is to drop all the vowels, which gets us to:


Often, however, we might like to keep the vowels! There's great shapes in vowels.

I have a thing for A and E in my sigil work, and O is also a good one. So I leave the vowels in personally. Unless they get in the way of a good sigil.

REMB is where I will start.

Enough are three pages of quick sketches with a few comments of places that REMB took me this morning.



Lines 1 through 4 are pretty straight forward.


Line 5 takes an idea from line 2 and that gets completely stylized on 6. The process of creating the sigil is about making a form that moves through your conscious filters. My deep mind (to use Jan Fries term) completely understands that the Sun  on line 6 means 'remember'! On lines 6 & 7 I digressed into runes, but dropped that train.


Lines 8 and 9 show another completely different variation, which started on line 1. This line of design would appeal to some, and not would the sun on line 6! Sometimes the goal is something truly 'occulted' or hidden. I could wear the Sun as pendant every day, anywhere and no one would have clue that there was a secret contained within. Line 9 might have the same appeal for someone who is publicly a magician and wanted a piece of jewelry to reflect that.

Lines 10 and 11 show a different tact..lower case letters are obviously fine, as are mixes of both upper and lower. The last image is still a viable sigil!

If I were to make you a piece of jewelry from the above, what line of design would you want me to continue on? Why?