The Charm of the Hinderer


I stand in the Sea of Stars
Washed in the blood of my Ancestors
Mothers of my Mothers
Fathers of my Fathers
An infinite chain

You have stood before every one of them
Blocked their will
Blinded their eyes
Weighted their hearts
Eons of inertia

Mother of suffering
Father of malaise
Unborn, unnamed
I name you today

I hear your voice
I feel your touch
I question myself
Thoughts, choices, actions
Fear of regret
Steps not taken

Hinderer! I call you!
Come unto this place.
Stand before me now
As you so like to do

I see your face
Reflected in the mirror
Tracks on my mind
Carved by your tread

Hinderer! Fine helper!
Come into this place
Stand before my now
As you so often do

Flames lick the mirror
Your face is obstructed
Your lips move
But you speak not

Hinderer! Dear brother!
Come into this place!
Stand before me now
As I unmake you

Flames lick the mirror
The silver running
Soot blackens glass
As the fire burns

Hinderer, dear lover
Come unto this place
I would kiss you once more
Before you are gone

Rain washes the mirror
Glass now only
Unmade, un-manifest
Shining and new.

—Aidan Wachter 1/23/2014