Wolf Hammer, wolf heads inspired by the Coppergate helmet.

Wolf Hammer, wolf heads inspired by the Coppergate helmet.


It all started when...

I’m seeing some folks get a bit freaky about anything Runic or Norse Pagan in light of the use of some runic and Norse symbols used by white nationalists, neo-Nazi’s, and the like. I’d like to put this out there, as someone who offers quite a lot of Norse and runic talismans.

First, there are a large number of people who work with the runes, either for divination, magic, or both, with no religious attachments to the symbols whatsoever.

Second, there are also a large number people who work with Northern European gods & spirits with no formal religious structure (or any at all, working with them as spirits, rather than as gods and followers).

Third, there are a large number of people who actually practice various forms of a modern Norse Pagan religion called Asatru. There are also a lot of Norse Wiccan groups.

Very few of these people are in anyway interested in any kind of nationalism or fascist, racist, gender or gender identity ideologies.

A good number of these people are non-Europeans. The spirits call who they will!

Here’s a single page of a very large number of just the actual Asatru religionists who have come out totally against this kind of ideology in response to the statements made by another group. http://www.declaration127.com

As for myself, I’m not religious, but have been working with the runes and have an association with Woden/Odin that goes back 30+ years. I’m also definitely on the genetic shit list of anyone with racist/white nationalist leanings. So if that whole white nationalist thing is your bag, you probably don't want me making your jewelry. It's all tainted and shit. 

Aidan Wachter, 2017