Bindrune- Mannaz & Teiwaz

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Mannaz-Teiwaz AWWM.jpg

Bindrune- Mannaz & Teiwaz


A small and pretty bindrune, and not quite as simple as it seems.... Mannaz can be complex. It is on one hand simply Man = Human. More specifically, human in a perfected state. I view it as being 'born of' Wunjo - as it's shape is of two Joy runes kissing. Mannaz, being a child of Joy- Joy tempered with, and built upon, the nature of struggles overcome and sweetened with sorrow. I see Wunjo as Joy based on reality, not fantasy. We experience Wunjo as children because we know no better, and as we get older, we cherish it because we do.

I also view Mannaz as being 'born of' Uruz, Aurochs- 'a fierce horn fighter' primal, great raw power. , it's shape is of the Ur runes 'mated' I think of it as Man, born of and into the raw primal powers - Uruz, as well as Man born of Wunjo.

Teiwaz. The God Tyr, a great warrior, a Victory rune- also the rune of prices worth paying. The understanding that life costs, sometimes dearly, and one should choose wisely what sacrifices must be made, and then make them gladly. Teiwaz also a guiding star, for navigation through dark places and rough seas and back home again safely.

Here Teiwaz grows into the World Tree, roots deep in the underworld, nourished by the wells of wisdom and knowledge, crown high up in the heavens. Mannaz in it's place in Middle Earth, linked eternally to the the tree, able to climb above and below.

This piece is on the smaller size, but could easily be made larger.

Pendant measures 1.3″ x .67" x .093" thick (33mm x 17mm x 2.3mm thick), weight is right around 9 grams. 

Entirely handcrafted from sheets of Sterling Silver by Aidan Wachter. Each item is built one at a time for each customer, thus shipping time will vary depending on how many orders are already in the shop queue at the time you order. Please see either the announcement bar at the top of site pages (unless you have hidden it!) or the first item on the FAQ for a current estimate of time to ship. Would you prefer your piece to be made from fine silver? Smaller or larger? Heavier or lighter? Customized in some other way? Please contact me for a quote. 

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