Consecration of Talismans

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Consecration of Talismans


As mentioned elsewhere, pieces fresh from the shop are not ‘fully consecrated’ in the traditional sense. However, as they are built via magical practices in my working space with continuous inputs from who I tend to call ‘my people’, they are not typical, inert objects either (as if such a thing exists)! Many note this ‘charge’ that their pieces arrive with. This charge is an intended side effect from the process of creating them, and one of the reasons I work the way I do, building each piece from the ground up rather than mass producing them.

Lately I have had requests for a more formal consecration of pieces towards a specific intention. And so I am opening that service as an add on to the building process. As I am working in my own way, there are of course a few rules and guidelines. Let start with those.

  • I am unable (obviously) to ‘guarantee results’. So don’t ask. There is never such a thing in any kind of magic.
  • I am totally unable to tell you if you 'should' have me do this work for you. That's between you and your spirits, I will honestly not have a clue or an opinion on this.
  • I do no cursing, hexing or crossing work. If you are looking to fight, do it yourself, I am not a mercenary.
  • I reserve the right the choose not to perform the requested work & refund your money for any reason. I probably won't be inclined to discus the reasons, as they are probably intuitive anyway and so not easily explained!

The longer form of the above is that I will only do work that makes sense for me to do. I also only do the work in the way that I work! So I’ll use the timing and methods that makes sense to me to consecrate the piece. What you will provide is a short intention, and if needed a longer explanation of it. There may be a bit of back & forth on that front, but probably not a lot.

The work that I do to consecrate a piece in no way replaces the reality that you should do the same on your end, and that talismans are happiest with regular attention.

Please include the intention for this service in the 'notes' field at checkout, or use the contact form to send me more information if needed. I'll also follow up with you to see if there is anything else I need to know before I proceed with the work.

Please note that this service is only available as an add on to an order for a talismanic piece. I am not offering general magical work at this time.

There is more information about consecration, including guidance on how to do this yourself (as well as instructions for a simple candle spell) in the blog, here.

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