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For Exu


I must preface this listing by stating that I do not practice Quimbanda, and simply offer this particular piece as it has come to me to be made...which is not unusual, overall, but as Exu is specific to an initiatory religion of which I am not a member, I feel that caveat is founded.

From the House of Quimbanda Exu page:

"One of the primary spirits worked with in Quimbanda is Exu, the Lord of Magic who is surrounded with much mystery. The nature of Exu (pronouched “Eshoo”) is complicated to behold and often his reality is hidden as a mystery of the cult and revealed only to the devotees who fully initiate into those mysteries or show themselves to be worthy. Outsiders wishing to glimpse his mysteries will at best be granted but an iota of his Truth and at worse taken for a ride for lacking the proper spiritual backing (initiation and proper guidance) in approaching him. It should be noted that Exu, despite the name he has adopted, is not the Eshu or Ellegua of the Yoruba traditions. If nothing else, Exu can be seen as the Lord of Reality and the Master of Macumba for his ability to carry out spells and works of sorcery are truly unparalleled."

-------from ConjureMan Ali's House of Quimbanda.

While those that know far better than I inform me that this symbol is related to Exu Rei, Exu Tranca Rua, and Exu Meia Noite- I make no claims whatsoever. For those interested in learning more, I suggest Pomba Gira & Exu by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, which are both excellent, as well as the House of Quimbanda site linked above.

Pendant measures 1.16" (29mm) in diameter, weight is right around 12 grams. 

Entirely handcrafted from sheets of Sterling Silver by Aidan Wachter. Each item is built one at a time for each customer, thus shipping time will vary depending on how many orders are already in the shop queue at the time you order. Please see either the announcement bar at the top of site pages (unless you have hidden it!) or the first item on the FAQ for a current estimate of time to ship. Would you prefer your piece to be made from fine silver? Smaller or larger? Heavier or lighter? Customized in some other way? Please contact me for a quote. 

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