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This piece came about from a conversation with Marcus Riley McCoy of House of Orpheus, about Hermes Chthonios. He shared a glyph he uses for the Underworld/Terrestrial Hermes which I have worked with since. Here it stands between two rising serpents, representing the telluric currents/spirits which are his particular area of influence. A crossroads being, who some see as a form of the Man in Black, intermediary between the realms of the living, the dead, the earthly daemons and the stars.

From the Orphic Hymns: 


The Fumigation from Storax. (i.e., he likes Storax)
Hermes I call, whom Fate decrees to dwell in the dire path which leads to deepest hell
O Bacchic [Bakkheios] Hermes, progeny divine of Dionysius [Dionysos], parent of the vine,
And of celestial Venus [Aphrodite] Paphian queen, dark eye-lash'd Goddess of a lovely mien:
Who constant wand'rest thro' the sacred feats
where hell's dread empress, Proserpine [Persephone], retreats;
To wretched souls the leader of thc way when Fate decrees, to regions void of day:
Thine is the wand which causes sleep to fly, or lulls to slumb'rous rest the weary eye;
For Proserpine [Persephone's] thro' Tart'rus dark and wide gave thee forever flowing souls to guide.
Come, blessed pow'r the sacrifice attend, and grant our mystic works a happy end.

There is an interesting section of Shani Oates fine book (highly recommended!) Tubelo's Green Fire that relates to this piece:

“Both Hekate and Hermes share the role of psychopomp and protector of crossroads and by-ways of the mental and physical planes. ‘Herm’ posts often stood beside those of ‘Hectarea’, the Triple-Formed Hekate, complete with three heads and six arms. Popular myth presents them as lovers or companions, as healers, patrons of Lunar energy and harbingers of death. Bridging the worlds, they reveal past, present, and future simultaneously, bestowing prophetic visions and ancestral communication. From their shadowy twilight world of illusion their gifts of enchantment secure the rapture and bliss of their devotees’.” 

A related talisman is the Chthonic Crossroads.

Pendant measures 1.58″ x .83" x .093" thick (40mm x 21mm x 2.3mm thick), weight is right around 10.3 grams. 

Entirely handcrafted from sheets of Sterling Silver by Aidan Wachter. Each item is built one at a time for each customer, thus shipping time will vary depending on how many orders are already in the shop queue at the time you order. Please see either the announcement bar at the top of site pages (unless you have hidden it!) or the first item on the FAQ for a current estimate of time to ship. Would you prefer your piece to be made from fine silver? Smaller or larger? Heavier or lighter? Customized in some other way? Please contact me for a quote. 

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