Triple Trident with Crescent Moons

Triple Trident 1 AWWM.jpg
Triple Trident 1 AWWM.jpg

Triple Trident with Crescent Moons


There are a couple of interesting and related currents of magic and witchcraft which are manifest in the works of Asenath Mason (Draconian) and Mark Alan Smith (Atlantean). Both use trident symbology in a variety of related contexts.

In Smith's books, the three crossed tridents are called the Crossed Staves. He writes of this symbol:

“The crossed roads are indicative of the waking, sleeping, dreaming state of higher consciousness through which may be attended the astral sabbat. It is in this mode of higher consciousness, attained through meditation, transmutation or mind state elevated through powerful rites, such as those of sexual magickal ritual, that we meet face to face with the Gods of Witchcraft. This is the point between the worlds, the meeting of Heaven, Earth and Hell symbolizing the merging of the above and below with the material. It is here where worlds meet and boundaries blur, that desires may be made manifest.” 

  -Mark Alan Smith, Queen of Hell

The symbol as shown is my own interpretation, and not necessarily relevant to any specific working using Mr. Smith works.

1.17" (31mm) in diameter x .093″ (2.3mm) thick, weight is right around 11.7 grams. 

Entirely handcrafted from sheets of Sterling Silver by Aidan Wachter. Each item is built one at a time for each customer, thus shipping time will vary depending on how many orders are already in the shop queue at the time you order. Please see either the announcement bar at the top of site pages (unless you have hidden it!) or the first item on the FAQ for a current estimate of time to ship. Would you prefer your piece to be made from fine silver? Smaller or larger? Heavier or lighter? Customized in some other way? Please contact me for a quote. 

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