Sigils & Design

Are you looking for sigils or other talismanic design work for use other than in  jewelry? I do this thing.

Bindrune Example 1.png

Feature 1

Along with my talismanic jewelry, I provide talismanic  art for other purposes. I recently created art for Crimson Moon's latest release, cover art for Greg Dale's Winter's Ghost album, and an interior sigil in Beth Patterson's book The Wild Harmonic. I  have also created a number of sigils & bindrune designs for tattoos for my clients as well. 

Sigil example 2

Feature 2

The work shown here and in my jewelry design are good examples of type of work I both enjoy and am good at. My approach tends towards strong, clean graphics - I am not your man for naturalistic art!


Moon & Trees

Feature 3

My specialty is is magical, sigil and runic based work. Costs are dependent on complexity and time required to build the design. Simple designs can start at around $100.00. Please contact me for a quote if you are interested in working together in this way!