"Aidan Watcher is not only the creator of talismanic jewelry so profoundly epic that I suspect in distant future cults will be founded upon unearthed pieces, but he is also a magician and thinker on the cutting edge." Jason Miller

"The first time I saw Aidan's work I was floored. After receiving my first two pieces, I knew I was hooked. When I learned he could create personal designs I wasted no time in asking him to replicate a sprig of my favourite plant, and was thrilled when I received my gorgeous talisman. His work is exceptional in quality, but more than that, it feels incredible wearing a charm created exclusively for you. He can distill even my strangest ideas into a coherent design. His catalogue pieces are amazing too - everything Aidan does is imbued with the enchantment of a talented artist and magician. I'm a fan and a customer for life!"   - Jen Rue

"I'm not someone who's easily impressed. I have high standards + high expectations, especially when it comes to custom work. I asked Aidan to make a talisman for me based on a sigil I created. The sigil itself was fairly complicated, so I wasn't sure what to expect. But the second I opened the box, I was blown away. Not only did Aidan perfectly nail the sigil, but he conjured something so exquisitely beautiful that I barely have the words for it. He's a master at his craft, able to work with a level of precision that is totally rare. But, more than that, he gets the spirit behind what he does + he makes things that are more than just mere adornment. He brings magic to life. The pieces that leave his studio have a tangible presence to them. His work is the perfect balance between technical excellence + magical kapow. The talisman Aidan created for me is one of my veryvery favorite talismans ever, which is saying a lot. He gets my absolutely highest recommendation. Aidan's a total star. I've already contacted him about two more talismans." - Fabeku Fatunmise  

From the moment I saw the first piece of his work, Chthonic Crossroads it was, I was hooked. The work called to me, with its obvious magic, beauty and quality. I watched his blog and number of pieces grow, my mental list of things I wanted growing as well, until finally, last year, the time was right to acquire a bit of magic cast in silver. I was traveling to the US to meet my long-time teacher for my initiation, both of us coming a long way, to meet in the home of some fellow initiates, and as the gods were complying so nicely with financing and smoothing the way for this whole endeavour, I took it into my head that I should have a piece of jewelry to accompany me in my work from now on. Only which one to choose? I finally settled on Integral Strength, to support me and help me in the delicate process of integrating my initiation experience. (For Freya was the contender, in case you were wondering). This was about a week before I left for the US, so I knew there was no way Aidan could have it ready for me in time. But I decided to ask, and as the gods decried, he had the piece ready and offered to send it straight to my friends' house. It arrived in time for the ceremony and sat on the altar during the whole thing, radiating its power for all to feel. It has become my favorite piece of jewelry and I wear it everyday. I hope that someday I can add another piece.    -Shira

"I ordered a custom talisman from Tveir Hrafnar, and I simply told Aidan the elements I wanted it to contain and what they meant to me. He very quickly came up with the design, and we only had one tweak before I deemed it exactly what I was looking for. The finished piece is stunning, and the skill of his craftsmanship - both as a silversmith and a sorcerer -  is quite evident every time I look at, hold, and wear my talisman. Which is all the time! I /love/ it, and I would recommend any piece from Tveir Hrafnar most highly. Thank you, Aidan!!" - Jennifer Larochelle

"Aidan Wachter of Tveir Hrafnar is a master and one of the veryvery few people I trust to do this kind of work. His custom piece that I wore for MdS was an important part of my journey." - Isabelle Grace (Aidan: This was custom bindrune to aid Isabelle in her ultra-marathons. MdS= Marathon des Sables = Isabelle is a serious bad-ass!)

“I got my Keys to the Crossroads pendant on Monday! Gorgeous, heavy, crisp and resonant. Love.” -N.C.

“There's no fluff here, it's the real deal. Heavy mojo.”  M.L.

“I love your products. Wear mine always. You’re awesome!” Catherine Mooney 

“I have three pendants ( Hekate's wheel; key and poseidons trident ) being in the UK as well the service is amazing the customer feedback is brilliant,always answers your questions........ The pendants themselves well wow is all I can say. Eyeing up at least another four designs......... People uk or anywhere else this guys work is worth the wait for the work and worth the price....... Highly recommended to anyone” Adrian Barlow

“I have 2 of your pieces and you are making my third. I live in Canada in a semi-remote location north of 60. Aidan shipped to me no problem and I get a lot of positive comments on my pendants.” Rachel

“I do not remember how I found Tveir Hrafnar web page, but I am sure it was not a mere Google search. All pendants on this site are beautiful, meaningful and full of energy, as they are made with love. I always wanted something individual, belonging to me, though ( I am an Aquarian☺) When I asked Aidan whether he would be able to create a pendant for me , I didn't have any visual ideas. And Aidan agreed and sent me two sketches for two different talismans. He doesn't know me, but the pendants seem and feel mine. I wear them together - my Aquarius sign and my Hecate in a butterfly shape. And they are both beautiful . Thank you, Master!”  - N.L. 

"My bindrune talisman has just arrived and I am absolutely delighted with the workmanship and the quality. Thank you so much!" Elaine Speakman

"The piece arrived today and it's stunningly beautiful! Thank you very much for this work of art." - S.L.

"There are not enough words of praise for Aidan's design, craftsmanship and customer service. His custom design work represents a true partnership between one's ideas and his superb artistry. I wear his talismans with pride and many people remark on their beauty every day. I highly recommend Aidan's work to anyone who wants a long lasting, spiritually and aesthetically pleasing talisman." - K.L.

"Absolutely gorgeous. I must praise your artistry. So be it. - M. C.

"I have received the pendant,  it is wonderful! Thank you!" - Frater Ad Fontes.

"The pendant looks WONDERFUL. It's so beautifully crafted. I love it." - C.

"I was so excited to come home and find such a beautiful piece of art waiting for me. It's perfect!! ...I've already been circulateing your website amongst my circles but once they see this, I hope they will be as inspired by your artistry as I was." - J. R.